What you get…

Money too tight to mention. Yes – and its the same for everyone, one way or another. We all need to make sure we’re getting value for money. Let me tell you that with the mobile edition of Sexual Pursuits you are getting more than a bargain.

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No hidden charges. Buy Now!

That’s the price. One payment – forever. You can install the game on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Kobo, Hudl, Kindle Fire. You can install the game anywhere that you’ve got even a mediocre internet connection!

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Okay, so what? Why should I… Buy Now!

Because this game isn’t just another “flashy” dime a dozen iPhone app rolled out by the dozen by some faceless company in the far east. You know the Apps I’m talking about. You play them for thirty seconds and suddenly you’re being offered something else, or asked to pay more money for tokens, gold eggs or some other nonsense. Sexual Pursuits Mobile Edition isn’t even an App. This game is a fully featured, fully functional and fully super-fucking-funtastic-fucktastic-freakoutastic game for lovers. This game has thousands of activities to choose from and features advanced game logic to ensure that every activity you get is something you’re going to really enjoy. And the best thing? Wherever you take your phone, iPad or tablet – that’s where you can play! This game is Sexual Pursuits, for your Mobile Device. Not some cheap and nasty knock off copy with 20 activities and no game engine.

Alright, I’m convinced. I am going to… Buy Now!

Well, click the link and enter your details. You’ll get your access details within about thirty seconds of placing your order. No waiting, no nonsense. If you’re both in a hotel room right now, waiting to completely and utterly go crazy with each other then we’re here to help. Or rather, the Game Assistant is waiting for you. You’ll meet her soon. She’s the one who turns up the heat if things are going too slowly…

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