You won’t believe the features that this game is endowed with. We’ve tried really hard to capture the spirit of the original PC version and put it into the palm of your hand. So whether you’re playing at home, in a hotel, in a friend’s spare bedroom or in a cloakroom at some party somewhere, you’ll find that the naughtiness you need is right there for you.

  1. Thousands of interactions.
  2. Loads of different gameplay elements (drinking games, surprises, accept or refuse dare challenges, sexy favors, striptease, etc).
  3. Tying up games where the game tailors activities to a helpless partner! You have to try this to believe it!
  4. Loads of different fetishes!
  5. Customisable gameplay. You can change practically everything to make sure that the game plays exactly the way you want it to play!
  6. Game assistant. She keeps things hot by adding a little spice when things get a little tame. But her definition of “tame” might not be quite what you think!
  7. Buying and selling points in the game shop to get favors, magic spells or to strip an opponent. You can even cast a magic spell to get your partner drunk!
  8. Loads more. Just try it and see!

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