What is it?

Sexual Pursuits Mobile Edition is a foreplay game for couples that you play on your handheld device. It’s for straight couples to play together in the bedroom, in a hotel, at a friend’s house or anywhere they have their phone or tablet computer.

Sexual Pursuits Mobile Edition is based on Sexual Pursuits for Windows. Sexual Pursuits is the first adult sex game of its kind and continues to be the only sexy game couples can play that has the following features:

  • Gameplay tailored to your clothing state.
  • Gameplay tailored to the choices you make.
  • Erotic “predicaments” that result in some light bondage fun that is remembered from one round to the next!
  • A massive activity database.

What are the main features?

The game is very kinky, so it’s great if you’re into a little light bondage or other more mainstream fetishes. It had literally thousands of interactions, so there will always be something new and surprising that you’ll find yourselves being asked to try. Also, its a game designed by a sexy couple for sexy couples. So you know that the whole point of it all is mutual satisfaction!

How do I buy?

Just click the image below or any of the Buy Now images and you will be transported automatically to the online ordering page. You might notice that the price is a lot lower than it should be. That’s because we’ve got a half price discount running right now. So get the game while you have the chance. Our ordering is 100% secure, using an e-commerce provider we have used and trusted for over a decade now. There are no recurring fees or indicators on your Credit Card bill that you have bought an adult oriented product. Delivery is via email and is instantaneous. Order fulfillment details are also shown on screen when the order is placed.